Mother's Day Special (pre-order now)
Del Popolo Pizza, Salad, Steak Dinner for 2, tiramisu $88
Any 3 pizzas $42

Salads, Appetizers, Add-Ons

Focaccia $4
add a rosemary focaccia loaf to your order, baked daily, until sold out 

Smoked Green Cubanelle Peppers in oil $6.50 (250mL)  

Roasted Red Peppers in oil and red wine vinegar $6.50 (250mL)

House Preserved Eggplant $6.50 (250mL)                                                                                                           Eggplant antipasto marinated in red wine vinegar, garlic and fresh herbs 

Marinated Olives - $5
Marinated Spanish and Italian Olives. Pairs well with our house focaccia and artisanal salumi

Artisanal Salumi - $15
A selection of Il Tagliere salumi including hot and sweet soppressata, coppa and lonza for two people. Vacuum packed for freshness. Add a side olives and focaccia, great for an aperitivo

Beet and Arugula Salad - $13
marinated beets, whipped goat-ricotta, caramelized walnuts, arugula, balsamic vinaigrette

Little Gem Lettuce - $13
creamy lemon-anchovy vinaigrette, parmigiano, breadcrumb

Grilled Spanish Octopus - $15
butter beans stewed with sofritto and parsley

Meatballs (6pcs/80g each) $16
6 pieces of house-made pork and beef meatballs, baked and served in tomato sauce with parmigiano and mozzarella


spaghetti all’amatriciana- $18                                    
tomato, guanciale, cracked black pepper, pepperoncino, pecorino

seafood tagliatelle- $24
smoked mussels, bay scallops, wild shrimp, oven dried plum tomato, caper, tomato

lamb cavatelli- $22
lamb bolognese, black olive, tomato, pecorino 

spaghetti carbonara “pancetta e piselli” -$20
crisp house-made pancetta, pea purée, egg and parmigiano

gnocchi – $21
traditional basil pesto, lemon, buffala and ricotta

 GF available upon request


Steak Dinner for 1-2ppl – $55

Our slow grilled 15oz Local Striploin (hormone & antibiotic free), crisp potatoes, grilled radicchio, arugula and chimmichurri


Tiramisu for 2 – $12
Layers of Savoiardi cookie, whipped mascarpone, coffee, Amaretto and cocoa

family style 

chicken parmigiana $24 
two 8oz chicken breasts, breaded, fried and baked with tomato sauce, parm and mozzarella

lasagna bolognese  small 1-2 ppl $21   |  large 4-6ppl $60
layers of fresh pasta, pork and beef bolognese, parmigiano-béchamel and mozzarella
baked to order, requires 30 minutes or preorder and have it ready for pickup at a specified time (large size requires 24hrs notice)
Alternatively, bake at home, 350F for 30-40 minutes

From the Butcher’s Block

Sweet Sausage (pack of 5) $14
Sweet “il tagliere” Sausage, fresh frozen, ready to grill, roast or add to sauces

Merguez Sausage (rounds, sold by weight) $22.99/lbs
Lamb, Beef and Pork, merguez spiced with cumin, fennel and fresh espellete, sold in thin rounds by weight. Ready to grill whole, cooks in minutes.

Striploin Steak (14oz-16oz) $26.99/lbs
Hormone and Antibiotic Free. Vacuum packed for freshness. Ready for the grill or cast iron
Pre-order and pickup. Billed once weighed (approx. $25-$27/steak). Serves 1-2
Whole Chicken (3-4lbs) $4.99/lbs
Cellar Door Rub. Split and flattened, bone-on, for roasting or grilling. (notice required)

“Il Tagliere” Salame Campagnolo $15.99/lbs
Sweet or Hot local, artisan salami. Aged 75 days. Whole piece, sold by weight 


del popolo – $13
tomato, mozzarella, fior di latte, basil

the “fun guy” (white)  -$18
olive oil, mozzarella, cremini, king oyster mushrooms, white truffle crema, parmigiano, arugula 

radicchio (white) – $18 
olive oil, mozzarella, balsamic braised radicchio, smoked speck prosciutto, pear, brie

Miss. Piggy loves pineapple -$18 
tomato, mozzarella, porchetta, spicy n’duja sausage, dehydrated pineapple   

l’Americano $17
tomato, mozzarella, pepperoni, mushroom, green pepper

classic pepp -$16
tomato, mozzarella, pepperoni

bomba – $16
tomato, mozzarella, soppressata, bomba sauce

the Becky (white) – $18
olive oil, mozzarella, oven dried Italian plum tomatoes, red onion, taleggio cheese, arugula

i bianconeri (white) – $18 
olive oil, mozzarella, provolone, double smoked bacon, mushroom, parmigiano

Larry’s sausage pizza- $18
tomato, mozzarella, house made fennel sausage, braised fennel, smoked scamorza cheese

the average Joe – $16
tomato, mozzarella, soppressata, black olives

lo Vincenzo – $16
tomato, mozzarella, soppressata, cremini mushroom

pizza doughs (4 in an order) $20
minimum order of 4 each. packed in 4. One dough will make a 10-12 inch round
24h notice may be required



Wine & beer

Half price bottles (take-out only, prices below reflect the discount)


prosecco brut $23
bellstar, doc, veneto

falhangina  $23
la guardiense, 2018, dop, campania            

marsanne $25
kew, 2016, via, (n), ontario

pinot gris $25
huff estate, 2018, vqa, ontario

chardonnay $25
taws, 2016, vqa, (n), ontario 

pinot grigio $28 (sold out)
mosole, 2018, igt, veneto

arneis $32 (sold out)
belcolle, 2018, docg, piedmonte

chenin blanc $36
loic mahe, 2017, doc, anjou

rosé, (cabernet franc) $22
cave springs, 2019, vqa, ontario


montepulciano $22 (sold out)
fontamara, 2018, igt, abruzzo

gamay noir $25
tawse, 2017, vqa, ont

cabernet $26 
kew, 2016, via, ontario

negroamaro $26
palama, 2017, igt, puglia

cannonau $37 (sold out)
Daniele Pintus, 2017, doc, sardenga

côtes-du-rhône  $36
Domaine de Ferrand, 2019, côtes-du-rhône

cabernet franc $38
domaine de la noblaire, 2019, aoc, chinon

chianti classico $39 (sold out)
lilliano, 2016, docg, tuscany

caribru-juction lager $3.60
(473 ml), 5%, ont 

beaus organic lugtread $3.75 (temporarily sold out)
(473 ml), 5.2%, ont

tawse cider
(473 ml), 5%, ont

north cider brüt $18
(750mL), 7%, ont

bruton, stoner, strong golden ale $21
(750 ml), 7.5%, tuscany

bruton, lilith, american pale ale $21
(750 ml), 5.5%, tuscany

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